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rad show on Saturday!


Saturday, July 7th
6pm, $5, $4 w/ non-perishable food
@ The People's Center
37 Howe St
New Haven

Dangerloves ( myspace.com/dangerloves )
No Image ( myspace.com/noimage )
Offsides ( myspace.com/offsidesct )
Haymarket Martyrs ( myspace.com/haymarketmartyrs )
Ripshit ( myspace.com/ripshitct )

This is a benefit show for the 33 Fair Haven residents arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) last month. The raids came only two days after the Board of Aldermen approved the creation of municipal ID cards that could be used by out-of-status immigrants to open bank accounts and access city services. ICE claims that the raids were previously planned, but the fact is that this was the first of such raids to hit New Haven in recent history, suggesting much more than coincidence in their timing. Immigration agents entered homes without authorization, refused to identify themselves and detained people passing on the street based on the color of their skin. These arrests were supposedly targeting individuals who ICE had warrants for, but it is now known that warrants had only been issued for four of the individuals arrested.

It is clear that these raids were in retaliation for the ID program and were meant to intimidate and terrorize the immigrant community of New Haven. The ICE raids in New Haven, Danbury, Hartford, and all around the country are fueled by racism and xenophobia, the hateful fear of “outsiders.” Anti-immigrant groups try to break apart communities to disenfranchise us. They tell workers that their jobs are threatened by immigrant workers, and they tell Black and Latino communities that they will lose access to social services and good schools when immigrants come. We must resist their hate speech by creating alliances amongst ourselves—uniting workers, people of color, and anyone who wants out of this system of terror and oppression.

**This is an excellent new venue in New Haven, which is much needed! Please come out to support this cause, the space, the bands or all of the above! Thanks**
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